El-OFOQ is an Egyptian company which was founded in 1999, with future vision to be one of the prestigious companies in Egypt in the field of executing of all specialized Electromechanical and High-tech systems with its entire related works.


El-OFOQ strategy was to begin cautiously in the first 5 years to have the business knowledge and then expand exponentially in the market throughout the full support from the owners by their intention to increase the company’s resources with no limits according to the market opportunities.

Now and after all these years of success, El-OFOQ company had a very considerable experience in its field, more over it is ranked as ” 1st Class Electromechanical & 2nd Class Civil and Finishing ”  in the Egyptian Federation for Construction & Building Contractors which provide confidence to the company to execute various Mega projects without limitation, such as:






Office & Commercial buildings…….etc.

Quality, both in terms of management and services has always been the main objective of El-OFOQ. This was further reinforced :

In 2004 when the company received the Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

in 2005  the company received Quality assurance standard ISO 9001 accreditation.

In 2007 we had achieved gaining Safety Management System OHSAS 18001.

Our employees are our treasure… we develop and recognize outstanding employees and caring for them.


N.B : Our owners are one of the most well known investors in Egypt with good reputation and credibility in the whole market. They also acquire wide spectrum of companies specialized in various fields of business, brands, showrooms and service centers all over the country.





Company Activities:-

Supply, install and maintenance of electromechanical works for all Airports, Hotels, Malls, Factories, Hospitals, Office & Commercial buildings…….etc. as follows:

  • Low & medium voltage networks.

  • Lighting outlets & lighting fixtures.

  • Light current systems.

  • Sound & light Systems.

  • Chilled Water Systems.

  • DX & Semi Central A/C Systems.

  • Fire Fighting Systems.

  • Internal & External Plumping Systems.

  • Compressed Air System.

  • Boilers & Steam Piping System.

  • Refrigeration & Freezing.

  • …….etc

N.B : as well as High-Tech Systems such as sound & light projects for ancient temples