EL-OFOQ FM Scope of workMain scope of works includes the following fields:


A. Operation, Preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance for all MEP system like:

1.MEP Site Management Services.

2.HVAC (HVAC=Heating ventilation and Air conditioning systems).

3.Industrial Ventilation.

4.Refrigerators, and cooling systems.

5.Boiler systems (boiler and pipe networks).

6.Compressed air systems

7.Sewage treatment Plant management STP system.

8.Water treatment plant

9.Irrigation plant.

10. Plumbing system

11. Domestic water systems.

12. Sewage water systems.

13. Irrigation water systems.

14. Swimming pool systems.

15. Firefighting systems.

16. CO2 Firefighting systems

17. FM200 Firefighting systems


18. Main Electrical systems

19. Transformers

20. Generators

21. Main distribution boards

22. ATS,(ATS=Automatic transfer switch )

23. Low current systems

24. Indoor and outdoor electrical panels.

25. Fire alarm panels and systems

26. Internal and external lighting system

27. Outdoor lighting columns services.

28. High tech lighting systems

29. Audiovisual systems

30. System Development

31. Safety & security systems

32. Central Building Controls and BMS, (BMS=Building Management Systems).

33. CAFM, CMMS, O&M software.

34. Energy efficiency measures and consultants services

B. Civil maintenance works like:

1. Internal and External painting and re-painting for building and fences.2. Wooden and non-wooden offices maintenance.

3. Wooden and non-wooden doors maintenance.

4. Wooden pergola maintenance and re-painting services.

5. Wooden Arabisic facade maintenance

6. Gypsum works (supplying, Installation and maintenance services)

7. Glass services ( supplying ,Installation and maintenance services)8. Marble works (supplying, Installation and maintenance).

9. Marble grinding services.

10.Parquet works (supplying, Installation and maintenance).

11. Mouqette works (supplying, Installation and maintenance).

C. Housekeeping service.

1. HK Sites management service4s

2. Setup HK Services (after construction)

3. Daily, weekly and monthly cleaning Services.

4. Building Façade cleaning Services.

5. Outdoor cleaning services for building and compounds.

6. Marble polishing services.

D. Waste management services

1. Waste Management Services

2. Waste collection wherever

3. Waste collection in an isolated area assembly

4. Cooperate with EEAA to disposed the waste

E. Health and Safety and environmental Services.

1. HSE Managing Services

2. Risk assessment Services.

3. Site safety and environmental survey

4. Monthly check for Firefighting and Fire alarm system.

5. Corrective & preventive maintenance for Firefighting and fire alarm systems.

6. Accidents, incidents and near misses reporting and analysis.

F. Security Services.

1. Managing Security

2. Security plan Services.

3. Security services for administration building and compounds.

G. Pest control service.

1. Pest Control Management

2. Rodent Control

3. Crawling Insect Control

4. Migratory Pest Control

5. Flying Insect Control

6. Program Operation

H. Landscaping Services

I. Irrigation system operation and maintenance.

J. Helpdesk Services

K. Facility Management Consultant services.